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Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic: July 13-14 Weekend

SignUpGenius is up and running!!! Be sure to sign up early to get your favorite volunteer spot and time: SignUpGenius!

The Seattle to Portland (STP) is the Pacific Northwest’s largest multi-day bicycling event and our club manages the Finish Line at Holladay Park, providing a significant source of revenue for our club. 


Route-marking volunteers install and remove all course signage from the Longview Bridge to the Finish Line. We restrict traffic around Holladay Park and place all the required signs alerting the public of these closures.

Where do the signs come from? PBC’s storage unit. A team leader and a couple of volunteers are needed for storage unit and supplies to drive a rental truck, go to the storage unit, pick up supplies on Friday and return them on Monday.

Route safety is where the action is. If you want to see all the riders coming in, sign up for route safety. You will stand along the route, either on NE Multnomah Street or the finish line chute, providing secondary signaling to participants and spectators to keep everyone out of harm’s way. We make sure riders cross the finish line safely and enjoy the finish-line festivities.

PBC volunteers welcome all finishers to Portland with our announcers cheering their arrival. We unload and organize riders’ baggage by number, and help riders find and retrieve their belongings. We set up and staff the secure bike corral.

Transportation is another service the club provides. How do riders get from Portland to Seattle? We help load riders onto buses and load bicycles, safely blanketed, onto trucks. You can choose truck driver, copilot, or passenger/bike assistant volunteering on Friday for Portland riders who go up to ride the STP. Or volunteer for return transportation for Seattle riders going home after the ride on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

We answer all sorts of questions at the information booth for riders, spectators, and local residents. And, of course, there are the volunteers who help the volunteers at the volunteer booth. This is where all volunteers will check in before their shift, get a T-shirt (if they haven’t already), a nametag, a meal voucher, and final instructions.

If there is something to be done, you can bet a PBC volunteer will be doing it – and your club thanks you!


Each volunteer for STP will receive a colorful T-shirt to identify them as a volunteer as well as a food voucher to redeem at one of the many food vendors in the park.

There will be a traditional pizza party on the Monday before the long weekend for volunteers to meet their team leaders and pick up their T-shirts.


Signing up online is available at SignUpGenius. It is organized by columns, starting on the left. Everything that occurs on Friday will be first. Then, it’s sorted by location, in alphabetical order. Once you find the day you want, then look for the time slot, the third column, as you scroll down in search of the ideal position. There are still three vacant leadership positions (look for ALL CAPS).

Let me know if you have questions about navigating SignUpGenius. I can also sign you up, if you prefer. For more information, contact me at [email protected].

Lynn Blanchard, STP Volunteer Coordinator

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