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Ride Leader Workshop Summary

The workshop was a resounding success! First and most important, most of the pizzas and salads were consumed and the leftovers all went home with someone.

Now the other stuff: There were approximately 18 enraptured participants that included ride leaders and ride leader wannabes. We really hope that the wannabes become ride leaders (just in case any of you are reading this). Riveting topics included (calm down and take a few deep breaths) use of the ride leader website ride submittal form, a whole bunch of topics submitted by ride leaders related to safety, and group management and response to emergency situations. We used the full two hours and had to force everyone to the exit. 

We often say that we will do these workshops twice a year, but we only do them once a year. The intent of these sessions is to keep sharing topics and issues, normally encountered by the ride leaders, so that riders will receive a more unified message regardless of what ride they are on.

All experience levels benefit from these workshops. The most experienced ride leaders benefit not only from synchronizing their opinions with others, but also by adding valuable insight for less experienced ride leaders. Less experienced ride leaders get their questions answered and also find that they are not alone with many of the concerns.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again at the next workshop and hopefully there will be even more participants.

If you want to become a ride leader, contact Rob Schroeder or Todd McCollum at [email protected].

Rob Schroeder, Road Captain

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