Cycling in the Time of “Social Distancing” -Portland Bicycling Club

Cycling in the Time of “Social Distancing”

Thank you, all members of PBC. This has been a very odd time for everyone with the constraints placed on humanity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’d like to thank each one of our current members, and our hopeful-future members who perhaps are thinking about joining, for diligently following the guidelines set forth by Governor Brown and Governor Inslee re: social distancing. Save lives! For many of us, we are on solo rides. We’ve come to appreciate and depend on group riding for many reasons. There is safety in numbers, and it’s nice to have friends to roll with. This certainly provides a deeper appreciation for every one of you cycling for a healthy lifestyle. We all look forward to the return to group riding soon. For now, please be safe out there on your solo journeys and with your shelter-in-place cycling partners. Keep all your great riding habits and be vigilant. #takelifebythehandlebars #socialdistancing #solocyclist #nocovid19 Happy cycling! 😊

Kathleen Hellem, Club Member