Announcement of Name Change -Portland Bicycling Club

Announcement of Name Change

As a result of the vote at the April club meeting, the club’s name has changed to the Portland Bicycling Club. To pass an amendment, our constitution mandates that at least 66.7 per cent of members present at a regular meeting vote in favor of the proposed motion. This was obtained and exceeded with a final tally of 71 per cent of members in attendance voting for the motion.

Reasonable arguments were presented for both sides, but the final result suggests that the majority of our members prefer a name seen as more broadly representative. Still, we should be mindful that this also means that 29 per cent did not want the change or, if they wanted change, did not like the name that survived our surveys.

If your choice was not the final pick or you feel a loss from the outcome, take comfort that you are not alone, and please try to stay positive about your role in the club. I ask that those in favor and those against be tolerant of each other. A unanimous decision was never going to happen, but we are all bound by a common interest, and for that we can take pride.

Pat McManus, President