May 2020 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

May 2020 Top Talk

Sheltering in place is a major stressor on many small businesses, institutions, organizations, and even some of the larger bike clubs. Many may not be able to withstand several months without income. Fortunately, because the Portland Bicycling Club doesn’t have any large payouts, a facility to maintain, or salaries to pay, our club should be able to weather out this crisis. Also, once we know our governor’s decision regarding the current stay-at-home order, we have an array of regular rides so our road captains can quickly repopulate the ride calendar. Some of our ride leaders are continuing to scout out territories for new rides and are staying fit to lead again when allowed. Some of their rides can be vicariously enjoyed remotely by the rest of us via their Facebook postings. If you also decide to venture out by bike, then you may want to check out Cascade Bicycle Club’s 10 Guidelines for Safe Bicycle Riding during COVID-19 Restrictions.

Once group riding is given the green light by the state and the city, we’ll be ready to go! Will it be the same? Maybe. Maybe not. We may need to determine a remote way to sign in. We may need to stagger starts or look like masked marauders. Nongroup rides with maps and outdoor breaks may become the norm. These questions and options will be addressed via executive board discussion prior to reloading the calendar. As always, the board considers the health and safety of our members of utmost importance. PBC’s Facebook Group page is an excellent way to stay up to date with club news, but we will also circulate emails with critical announcements. If you have comments, feedback, or questions, please log in and use the space below to give us your thoughts.

In the meantime, be careful out there, stay safe and stay well.

Pat McManus, President