December 2022 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

December 2022 Top Talk

As I write this column, it’s hard to believe that December is only one week away. That’s partly because I’m currently in Kauai, where the air is warm and moist. It’s also because this will mark the end of my tenure as president of the Portland Bicycling Club.

When I took office two years ago, we were in the depths of the Covid pandemic. All rides and meetings had been cancelled,  our membership had dropped significantly, and our finances were at risk of being depleted. The STP was cancelled by the Cascade Bicycle Club, and our signature event, the Pioneer Century®, was dormant.

Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, we are once again operating at full stride: our membership numbers and financial reserves are healthy; we have a full ride schedule and in-person meetings; and we had a successful STP finish line, Pioneer (metric) Century®, club picnic, and club banquet.

Each of us has a vision for the direction of our club and a unique set of skills. I’ve enjoyed the challenges that the last two years have presented, and my vision of an active and financially sound PBC has been realized. Now, it’s time for a new president with his or her vision to carry us forward. I can’t thank enough the board members, event coordinators, QR editor, and other crucial volunteers who make the PBC the great club that it is. I wish everyone good health, safe riding, and a happy holiday season! I’ll be seeing you on the road.

Doug Myers, President