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Group Riding on Multiuse/Bike Paths
October 28, 2023

Riding on multiuse paths (bike paths) is fun! The paths are usually in a pleasant park-like atmosphere, nicely separated from cars and usually not too crowded. They are relaxing for a club ride. However, there are still some safety precautions a rider should take while enjoying… Read More

Coffee Stop Spotlight: Legacy Coffee
October 28, 2023

Long-standing traditions can be broken – even by PBC (in fact, even the Club’s OGs approved of the change). Our Monday Morning Meander was previously described as leaving the Gateway Transit Center and going to Gresham. The route description referenced the fact that there are many ways to Gresham, and… Read More

Your Club at Work: PBC Merch
October 28, 2023

As a longtime member, I have a lot of Portland Wheelmen Touring Club gear. We have been Portland Bicycling Club since 2019. Rebranding takes time, but I don’t want PWTC stuff anymore! I want PBC. We have a couple of jerseys and our new club T-shirt. We are re-establishing… Read More

All in Favor of 40% Discounts, Raise Your Right Hand!
October 28, 2023

Showers Pass has a discount program that should interest all of us who will be riding any time during the next five months. They offer a 40% discount on “eligible” items. Talking with them, it seems that virtually all items that are not-on-clearance are eligible. Complete a… Read More

The Neglected Stomach Muscles
October 28, 2023

As a cyclist, you probably have nicely toned thighs, calves, glutes, and, to some extent, arms…but how about that gut? When I was younger, one thing I didn’t suffer from was a pouchy stomach. I liked to say mine was concave! But with age and my primary exercise being bicycling,… Read More

Save the Dates!
October 28, 2023

December 7, 2023 February 1, 2024 Save those dates. What’s that? Why save those dates? Don’t you trust me? Alright… December 7, 2023, is our usual club member meeting, 7:00 PM. Remember, we are at a new location, St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, 11100 NE Skidmore Street in Portland. December’s… Read More

SnowCap December Collection Drive
October 28, 2023

December’s club meeting will see the return of an annual tradition of collecting donations for SnowCap Community Charities. SnowCap reports an increased need of 92% since 2021 levels. Many families remain in great need as job loss or diminished work hours, continued skyrocketing housing costs, and… Read More

A Five-Star Review?
October 1, 2023

How do you find a good restaurant? How about a new dentist? A new barber or hairstylist? You might ask around or search the internet. Once you get to the internet, what step might you take? REVIEWS. We rely on word of mouth or personal recommendations to help us learn… Read More