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Hood River to The Dalles Seven Mile Hill Loop


FIRST park your vehicle in the large parking area with the restroom building. SECOND we get together and get on our bikes. After you get through the near death experience of navigating the freeway interchange, with bike lanes, oh, and the left turn to head to the Historic Highway trailhead, this is a very scenic route that follows the Historic Old Columbia River Highway through the Mosier twin tunnels, into the town of Mosier, on to the Rowena Crest Viewpoint, then into the West end of The Dalles. Now the real fun begins as we head to Seven Mile Hill Road. From the Sinclair (was a 76) gas station, the route has a slight incline that sucks the essence out of you before starting the real climb. The Seven Mile Hill Road climb isn’t really seven miles long, but you may feel that it is. Rewards? You bet! Great panoramic views looking east. You may want to stop a time or two to take in the view (not because you need a break). From the summit, it is a long, fun and non-technical (assuming no Gorge Wind) descent into Mosier, then back track to the start location. There is a restroom at the start; at the Old Columbia River Highway trailhead; and at the Sinclair (was a 76) fuel station in the Dalles. Bring water and nutrition, or snacks may be purchased at the Sinclair (have you remembered that this was a 76?) station mart in The Dalles. How about a bite to eat after the ride? We can figure that out then. Hey! Why is this a non-group ride? Isn't that non-friendly? Well...Non-group gives the opportunity for a frisky rider, or a not-at-all-frisky rider to take off, or hold back and enjoy as they wish, or don't wish. The rest of us use more of a re-group concept.

Now about the map. You should use the .pdf sketch map, because it is skillfully done, descriptive and exquisite! "But I want to use the RwGPS map!" you say. "No you don't!" I say. "Yes I do!!!" "No you don't!!!!!!!!!" Hey, if you can't navigate this route after a quick look at the .pdf map and being on a re-group ride, then you shouldn't be loose in the wild. "But the map doesn't give the profile and elevation gain!" you say. "Not you again!" I say. Rest assured the this ride has a profile and you will, indeed have elevation gain. If you've done the French Alps or Pyrenees, then you will be fine. Heck, if you've done, PBC's Roller Coaster (by far the best ride that the Club has to offer, because it's mine) you will be fine(ish). By the way, the RwGPS map was added after intense pressure and under duress. It ruins the whole ride. Go ahead and use it, but don’t blame me if you have a vague feeling that the experience has been compromised.

Pace designation is for a concept of effort. We are not Grand Tour Pros, so we may be a little slower on the inclines. Also, there is no way (in your preferred and chosen tortured last resting place) that I am descending at 50+ mph.

Rain, high wind, high temperature, and frost will cancel this ride, so watch the calendar posting for updates.


Date: Saturday September 23rd, 2023
Departure Time: 10:00 am
Type: Non-Group
Pace: Brisk (15-17 mph)
Distance: 42 miles
Terrain: D
Maps: Hood River to The Dalles Seven Mile Hill Loop PDF GPS

Start Location

1000 E Port Marina Dr, Hood River, OR 97031, USA Google Maps
Park next to the restroom building at the southeast side of the parking lot.

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