Upcoming Meetings

You are invited to come and enjoy pizza at the next club member meeting on Thursday, November 7. The next executive board meeting occurs on the same date two hours earlier:

PBC Member Meeting, 7:00 PM

PBC Board Meeting, 5:00 PM

Both meetings are held at All Saints Episcopal Church.

Our guest speaker will be Kevin Schmidt of Pedal PT.  He is a physical therapist and bike-fitting specialist. From their website:  “As specialized Physical Therapists for cyclists, we’re in the ‘body business’ first, and not the ‘bike business’.  Always remember that fancy, expensive bike-fit tools are still just tools. . . and only as good as the individual using them.”   – Bike Fitting

I have used the bike fitting services twice (you can never have too many bikes) and the PT component when I was diagnosed with sciatica.

Find details about each meeting by clicking on the meeting names above, or on the website by selecting a meeting’s link on the ride calendar. Minutes for all past meetings may be found HERE.

Kurt E. Lootens, Meeting Program Coordinator