Oregon Bicycling Manual 2021

It’s here! The much anticipated… Okay, maybe a little over the top, but there really is a new Oregon Bicycling Manual available.

Safety is always a priority on a bike ride. One way to be safe is to obey the law. What does that new “Idaho Stop” law mean? Do I need to signal my turns? Who has the right of way, a pedestrian or ME? What are the rules for riding on bike paths such as the Springwater Corridor Trail?

These questions and more are answered in layman’s terms in the manual. This booklet does not contain or even reference the actual laws or statutes; instead, there are nice illustrations to help you understand the concepts! 

Certainly, abiding by these laws (many created due to lobbying on cyclists’ behalf) is a component of safety. However, we must also rely on others, mostly motorists, to abide by them as well.

As a companion to this manual, I encourage you to utilize local attorney and avid cyclist Ray Thomas’s “Pedal Power: A Legal Guide for Oregon Bicyclists.” The 8th edition is almost ten years old now so doesn’t include some of the newer laws such as the “Idaho Stop,” but it does include the statutes and Mr. Thomas’s explanations. He also shares insights that only an attorney who is a cyclist and represents cyclists in court can know.

Ann Morrow, Vice President