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PBC’s Generous Giving

Banks-Vernonia State Trail

Near the end of each year, at the December board meeting, your board assesses the financial status of the club with the guidance of our treasurer and determines if there are sufficient funds to allow us (Portland Bicycling Club) to share our prosperity with the local biking community. During Covid-19, when we had no Pioneer Century® or Seattle to Portland to generate any income, the answer was no. But in 2022, our club relaunched the Pioneer and once again worked with Cascade Bicycle Club to run the finish line of Seattle to Portland.  

A quick thanks to all of you who helped by volunteering for those events. Your time and effort led to the improvement of our financial status and in turn an ability to share some of those funds with organizations we determine to be in need and that function in tandem with our mission as cyclists.

Banks-Vernonia, Buxton

This year, a budget was set between $12,000 and $15,000. Corey Eng, our treasurer, had compiled a comprehensive spreadsheet showing previous years’ donations, and that was a starting point for negotiations. How will we parcel out these hard-earned funds and benefit our community? Member at large Dave McQuery had been talking to folks from the Banks-Vernonia State Trail and informed your board that two bridges on the trail could be repaired for about $2,000 each. He asked for a bit more to cover anticipated overages. The Banks-Vernonia Trail is much used by many cyclists in the area, and deterioration has created a number of unsafe spots. Dave requested some sort of tribute at each bridge to let riders know our club was involved with the repair work.

Banks-Vernonia, south of Buxton

A secondary but constant theme in 2022 was that Portland Bicycling Club (formerly as PWTC) donated over $100,000 to organizations in the Portland Metro Area in the past 13 years. As noted above, no funds were donated during the “Covid years” of 2020 and 2021 as the board determined it best to maintain our bank balance since no income was being earned. Still, overall, that’s a lot of “GIVE” for a bike club. The consensus is that few people know about this largesse. Even some of our own members seem unaware. We seemingly are good at “keeping our light under a bushel.” Sometimes it’s good to give in secret, but we have begun to think that practice may be a disservice to our club.

Historic Columbia River Highway: Rowena Crest

Other organizations, in offering up event rides, might tell you a percentage of funds raised (part of your registration fee) will be passed on to rebuild a cycling trail (Gorge Ride), or for helmets, bikes and bike stations (Strawberry Century), or to help people with disabilities (Harvest Century), or to fund Community Cycling Center’s bike programs (Worst Day of the Year Ride), etc. That is part of the publicity of the event – making a point of letting participants know that some of the money they hand over goes to a worthy cause.

Portland Bicycling Club is generous, but we give differently. How can we let people know about our good deeds? You as members can spread the word. We will be trying to access other forms of outreach as well.

Community Cycling Center: Summer Camp

In addition to Banks-Vernonia State Trail, the board designated monies to:

Finishing off the list are:

And that’s how your board disbursed $12,000 in a short amount of time! Details will be provided in the board meeting minutes, soon to appear on the PBC website.

Ann Morrow, Vice President