November 2018 Top Talk

President Chip Kyle

No organization remains static – it is either growing or declining. As a board, we are heavily invested in the club’s future and want to see it grow and thrive. Our vision of the club is one of diversity and inclusive of women and men. We are, however, aware of distinct attributes that could be compromising our future:

  • We have observed that our club is aging, and is not readily attracting newer, younger riders.
  • We have observed that despite having many women club members, we are frequently asked “are women allowed in the club?.”
  • We have seen that participation in our club rides comprises predominantly retired males.
  • We have heard anecdotally that “touring” is possibly intimidating and is not reflective of our principal activities.
  • We are aware that “wheelmen” is historically based, but is now more narrowly accepted and has the potential to be derisively viewed.

The board believes that – once again and with great trepidation – we need to re-examine our club name and how it represents who we are, what we do and how we want to grow. While no decisions have been made, nor actions taken, we want input from all our members. To that end, expect to receive an emailed survey with a series of questions.  We want and need your input, so please take the time to complete the survey.  Results will be given at the December club meeting.