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West Hills (Southwest Hills) Mini Roller Coaster – WTF Edition

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WOW! You are in for a treat!!! Not only is this a Roller Coaster ride, though a mild version and not on Wednesday which is the normal Roller Coaster day, it is THE only PBC Wastewater Treatment Facility (WTF) ride. I normally do "regroup" rides, but every moment of this experience needs to be shared with all of your friends. However, if someone wants to be antisocial and doesn't have friends, then ride ahead, but please wait for the rest of us at whatever the upcoming WTF is. We'll even have photo ops since there will be a brief stop at each facility. About 2 miles from the finish, we'll stop at Awakening Coffee in Oak Grove where we can reminisce and share this epic experience. We can't doddle, though, since the coffee shop closes at 2:00 PM. Don't miss out!

Keep in mind that with all of the hills, and mixing with pedestrians on multi-use paths, the pace is an indication of effort, not actual speed. Ascents and congested areas will be slower and descents will be faster. Be prepared for the pace. We don't want to loose anyone, and we can be a bit flexible, but if a rider is too slow then they may be on their own, which would be really sad.

Contact me if you want to join us and have some questions, or if you have some doubts about your performance with the pace/effort.

The route:
Trolley trail to Gladstone and crossing the Clackamas River at the 82nd Dr. bridge for the 1st WTF, then to Oregon City and cross the Willamette River and head to Lake Oswego using Willamette Dr. (Hwy 43) and Old River Road to the 2nd WTF (we'll briefly stop at the smelter in George Rogers Park), then through Tryon Creek Park and descend through Riverview Cemetery where we cross the Willamette River on the Sellwood Bridge and head to Milwaukie on the Trolley Trail for the 3rd WTF, and a final THEN we take the Trolley Trail to Oak Grove for the 4th WTF.


Date: Sunday July 28th, 2024
Departure Time: 10:00 am
Type: Group
Pace: Intermediate (13-15 mph)
Distance: 27 miles
Terrain: C

Start Location

Stringfield Family Park, Southeast Naef Road, Milwaukie, OR, USA Google Maps
Rest Rooms!

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