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West Hills Roller Coaster – Super Special Edition – Trolley Trail Route


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This ride may be cancelled due to heat or rain. Please check this posting on the morning of the ride before attending.

This Super Special Edition of the West Hills Roller Coaster shouldn’t be missed (and of course none of the regular ones should be missed either), but this one is really special. Why? Because it’s MINE! and it’s starting about 4 miles south of Milwaukie. This route is so special that it is only offered once in awhile and at irregular intervals (besides, it really stretches the West Hills concept). For those that are concerned that this doesn’t seem very West Hills Roller Coaster-like don’t worry because you will recognize a lot of the route as Roller Coaster variations with the usual elevation gain (YEA!). And, on the return, a coffee break at Awakening Coffee in Oak Grove, less than 2 miles from the finish (just like the normal Roller Coaster!). Riders new to our group: we’ll watch out for you, but it is a regroup ride, so download the map (not the cue!) just in case you get separated, and you have to be hill friendly. The pace is an indication of effort on the flats, so obviously, we will be slower on the assents, but still putting out the effort, and slower in congested areas and slower with all of the stop and go in some areas. Attached is a marginal cue sheet with incorrect mileage, but, hey, I said that it was marginal, and a useful RwGPS map.


Date: Wednesday June 12th, 2024
Departure Time: 10:00 am
Type: Re-Group
Pace: Brisk (15-17 mph)
Distance: 37 miles
Terrain: D
Maps: West Hills Roller Coaster - Trolley Trail Route PDF GPS

Start Location

Stringfield Family Park, Southeast Naef Road, Milwaukie, OR, USA Google Maps

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