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New Two-speed Shute Park to Banks


Directions to start: Expect 12-15 minutes drive from Highway 26 and Cornelius Pass. Head south on Cornelius Pass Road from Highway 26 (0.9 mi.) Turn right on NE Cornell Road (4.1 mi.) Turn right on E. Main Street (0.3 mi.) Turn left on 7th Avenue (0.5 mi.) Turn left on Maple (500 feet) The destination is the Subway in Banks. Distance is 38 miles. Most of this ride is beautiful farm country on flat roads and traffic is very low.

Ride pace details: Re-group ride with two speeds:
· Scenic, 15-16 mph
· Brisk, 17-19 mph
Choose either speed group.

Scenic riders: This year we want to build a core group at the Scenic level. In the interim, if you can keep a pace of at least 15 mph and are the only one in the Scenic group, someone from the Brisk group will happily ride with you.

We will regroup every 5 miles for anyone who can ride the minimum speed for their group (15 Scenic and 17 Brisk). If you ride slower than 15 you are very welcome to attend but please print a cue sheet if you do not know the route.

Cancellations: If the ride needs to be cancelled for any reason I will post a message at before 6PM the previous evening.


Date: Monday August 14th, 2017
Departure Time: 10:00 am
Type: Re-Group
Pace: Brisk (15-17 mph)
Distance: 38 miles
Terrain: B
Maps: Shute Park to Banks via Fern Hill Road PDF

Start Location

SE Maple St & SE 8th Ave Hillsboro OR Google Maps

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