Hubbard to Silverton V2


Our destination is some delightful cafe in beautiful downtown Silverton. Most of this ride is scenic farm country on flat roads and traffic is very low. Be prepared for a crossing a historic covered bridge near Silverton. We will re-group every 5 miles, riding in two speed groups: Scenic at 16-17 mph, and Brisk at 18-19 mph (possibly a little slower on rainy/fender days and faster on dry days). Scenic riders and those riding slower than 16 mph: If you do not know the route, please print a cue sheet in case you are the only one riding that speed. eBikers: You are welcome to join the ride. However, please do not take the lead position as this is not a motor-paced ride. An exception is if the pack is rotating, you may lead for up to a minute before rotating to the back.


Date: Saturday June 22nd, 2019
Departure Time: 9:30 am
Type: Re-Group
Pace: Moderate
Distance: 50 miles
Terrain: B

Start Location

Rivenes Park, 2600 D St., Hubbard, OR

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