Aufderheide Ride


CONTACT THE RIDE LEADER IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS RIDE. THOSE THAT DO NOT CONTACT THE RIDE LEADER MUST MAKE ALL OF THEIR OWN ARRANGEMENTS FOR SHUTTLE AND SAG. RIDE LEADER WILL MAKE RESERVATIONS FOR A SHUTTLE, BUT NEEDS TO KNOW WHO WILL NEED THE SHUTTLE BY NO LATER THAN JULY 29. MINIMUM COST OF SHUTTLE IS $45 PER PERSON. RIDE LEADER'S SAG CAN ACCOMMODATE 3 PASSENGERS (AND DRIVER) AND BIKES AND CAN CARPOOL FROM PORTLAND. Oakridge has a nice Best Western Motel that is very comfortable for those who might want to spend the previous night, or you can stay at the Westfir Lodge, which includes a light breakfast for overnighters. We will be having a SAG vehicle along the entire route that can support and carry any food or liquid that you care to bring along. Six miles from the start, we will ride through Westfir, where you will see the longest covered bridge in Oregon at 180 feet. The ride is 64 miles, with gradual climbing from about the 10 mile mark until mile 35 which is around 8% for a couple of miles. The elevation gain is 4308 feet. After cresting the top you will enjoy some of the best downhill riding in Oregon, in my opinion. The road is glassy smooth and there is little to no traffic. The finish line is at the junction of the McKenzie Hwy. Cue sheet will be provided at the start and is very simple, with hardly any variation. Pace: 15-17 MPH.


Date: Friday August 2nd, 2019
Departure Time: 9:30 am
Type: Re-Group
Pace: Moderate
Distance: 64 miles
Terrain: D

Start Location

Greenwaters Park, Oakridge, OR

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