October 2016 Top Talk


President Chip Kyle

I hope you have been able to get out on your bike during this time of fantastic weather to enjoy a ride or three.  This really is the sweet spot during the year weather-wise, warm sunny days, but not too hot, low humidity, cool nights and temperate starts to the morning rides. There is still enough daylight to enjoy an after work ride. It doesn’t get much better than this. Remember these days as the equinox is now behind us with the days shortening and the nights lengthening.  Less clement weather is on the way, so enjoy it now while we have it.

Regardless of the weather, the club still functions. In order to function though, we are highly dependent upon volunteers who willingly give their time so that all of us benefit. There are ride leaders who plan, organize and lead regular rides; others that coordinate our major events; still others that work / participate in those events; more volunteers that plan and organize our meetings, picnics and banquets and still others that serve on the board. The club could not function without these individuals, and the club would be a very different organization without them.

At the end of the year, several critical volunteer positions will come open. These are the board positions of Road Captain, Member-at-Large and Treasurer. The treasurer’s position is particularly important.  For the past year, Larry Lewis has admirably carried out this role. However, for personal reasons, he needs to relinquish the role. So, we need to have another club member assume the position. Look for the “Help Wanted” ad elsewhere in this QR. Please give some thought to expanding your role in the club.

idahoSpeaking of volunteers, two rides have recently concluded that were wholly planned and organized by dedicated individuals: Bud’s Idaho ride (where many got to enjoy the cold and damp of a mile long tunnel); and Benn’s John Wayne Trail ride (where many realized that wide tires and a bit of suspension can be an asset). Thank you both for organizing these rides and thanks to those who participated. Good tales of adventure abounded! Did you see the moose?

Ride Safely…