October 2021 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

October 2021 Top Talk

It’s hard to believe, but 2021 is starting to wind down already! There’s a heavy downpour outside my window as I write this column, which seems strange after our unusually dry summer. Morning frosts will be next but, with luck, we should have a few sunny fall days for riding.

Fall is the time to think about club elections, which will be held in December. All of the board positions are open, with the exception of one road captain and two member-at-large positions, currently held by Rob Schroeder, Alan Mevis and Don Zook, respectively. The open positions are:  ✎

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Membership Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Road Captain
  • Recording Secretary
  • Member at large (2)

If you would be interested in nominating someone or running for any of these positions, please reply to this newsletter or send your name to [email protected]. You can ask any of the board members, or refer to the club’s bylaws, if you have any questions regarding the duties of the various positions. You can also attend a Zoom board meeting to observe how the board functions.

Remember, as fall approaches, to watch for slippery wet leaves and morning patches of black ice. Wear bright colors and use your lights as the days shorten. Stay safe on the roads!

Doug Myers, President

P.S. I was informed yesterday that long-time Wheelman Mike Real recently passed away after a battle with cancer. Mike and Dee volunteered extensively with the club and led several well-organized weeklong tours through scenic Northwest routes that covered parts of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, Alberta and Montana. He was always willing to give advice on any topic, and to take people up for a spin in his single-engine airplane. He was known as “Uncle Mike” to my son Grant. It is with great sadness that I note his passing.

Doug Myers, President