November 2016 Top Talk


President Chip Kyle

Happy November, everyone! I began last month’s column extolling the fantastic weather we were enjoying and encouraging all to get out on their bikes to take advantage of it. My last sentence of that opening paragraph advised that “less clement weather was on the way.” Perhaps I should consider meteorology as a new career! The local weather service has stated that the past month of October was one of the wettest on record. By now, everyone has rummaged in their closets, found their rain jackets, shoe covers, helmet covers and long fingered gloves. They have also dusted off the rain bike, or found the fenders that were removed last Spring. Despite the rainy days, there have been many opportunities for riding. Last Monday was a typical example. Rain was forecast to arrive by noon, but the morning’s ride out to Gresham and Jazzy Bagel was dry. By the time I returned to the start, the first sprinkles were just beginning to fall. Just made it!! So, take heart, there is still good riding ahead – just not quite so warm!

One of the aspects that I particularly like about the club is that we give back to the community. This month is another opportunity to do so. Each November, volunteers from the club work at the Community Cycling Center to clean and prepare kids’ bikes to be given away to families in need during the December holiday season. Karyn Mardis is the club’s coordinator and she schedules the first three Fridays for our club to work on the bikes. You do not need to be an expert bike mechanic to participate in this worthy effort. There are many helpful hands to advise and show you what to do. Expect that your hands will get dirty, but there is soap and it does wash off! Please give Karyn a call and let her know you want to help. It’s a fun time!

It is three months away, but the club’s annual awards banquet is looming. Bud Rice needs your help and is actively seeking nominations for the various awards that are given out. Give some thought to the following: Member of the Year; Volunteer of the Year; Ride Leader of the Year; Most Improved Rider of the Year; Comeback Award; and the Goodwill Ambassador Award. As you are out riding, whom do you think should be candidates for these? In your mind, who is most deserving? Send Bud an email, along with your rationale, and make a suggestion.

Ride Safely