Jersey Design Selection

A New Jersey is coming to Oregon – and not the state!

The Jersey Design Selection Committee is soliciting designs for a new club jersey. We hope to have the new jersey available for purchase by late winter or early spring, just in time for unveiling as winter jackets come off. The winner will receive a free jersey and the pride of seeing their design on members’ backs.

  1. Follow Primal’s design guidelines.
  2. Use their sport-cut template.
  3. Color by numbers – meaning, for the best reproduction of colors, code your colors using Pantone® solid-coated color numbers.
  4. Incorporate some high visibility colors into your design.
  5. We recommend submitters look over our current jersey layouts (e.g., placement of logo, text, design, etc.), peruse the Primal Wear website, or contact Primal for ideas as to how to approach the design process: live chat available on their website, telephone 1-800-275-6953, or email
  6. Deadline: November 1, 2019
  7. Send designs to Arden Shelton,


Pat McManus, President