Your Club Celebrates!

Annual Summer Picnic & 50th Anniversary Celebration

Portland Wheelmen Touring Club / Portland Bicycling Club 1971-2021

It’s hard to believe that our amazing bicycle club, founded in 1971, had the great honor and privilege to ring in the ‘BIG 50this YEAR! Rich with history and culture, many decades of great memories were made possible because of all our marvelous club members. Everybody makes a difference by being a member. Some may not ride their bicycles anymore due to various reasons that include medical or otherwise; yet that doesn’t deter many of our long-time members who continue to volunteer year after year at our organized bicycle events. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. The culture is diverse and vibrant in so many ways. It’s wonderful to observe how much we, as a club, have evolved. Be proud of your club! 

Thanks to our very own PBC member Khaliyah Williams-Rodriguez who volunteered and contributed greatly to organizing our PBC annual club picnic and 50th anniversary celebration this year. We appreciate all our PBC members who pitched in, and there were a great many, many of you who took on various responsibilities to make this celebration a success. HUGE thanks to everyone! It was a fantastic time for all! In spite of the rain, we cycled through. The spirit was awesome, not to mention the great company, and the food was GREAT.

Kathleen Hellem, Recording Secretary