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Your Club at Work


PBC is back! We had our Pioneer Century and helped Cascade Bicycle Club with Seattle to Portland. Money was earned. Confidence was restored. We have sufficient funds for our own needs and extra for the  ✎  proverbial “rainy day” or another pandemic shut down. Perhaps the club is now in a position to give back to the community as we did pre-Covid. If we are able, what organization(s) do you think we should donate to? Why? The board will be looking at this possibility in November, so give it some thought and let a board member know if you have any ideas. Or, should we have a bike rack built and installed somewhere for advertising for the club? Should we have PBC socks and water bottles made? This is your club – what do you think? For more information, see Charitable Donations Guidelines.


Our bicycle club owns bike boxes that members may rent for a nominal fee. If you have travel plans and want to ship your bike or take it with you as luggage on the plane (not as a carryon!), this perk will serve you well. You may contact Jackie Seguin  ✎  at 503-231-7216 to learn more or make arrangements.


I wanted to share the experience I had on the day of our club picnic, August 7. I was leading a ride and Tom Carter was leading a faster, longer ride (Alan Mevis led the family ride). Tom graciously shared with me a few tips  ✎  about the routes to help me avoid difficulties or challenges on my ride. What a great benefit of belonging to a club! A bridge was open; there was a lot of glass on one street; part of the route may not be suitable due to camps of the unhoused, etc. In some sports or organizations, participants or members don’t share good routes or tips for safety and fun. They keep those facts to themselves and let the others fail, crash, or never enjoy the route at all. Thank you, Tom. I was so happy to talk to you and get all that insider information. My ride was better for it.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! (repeat!)  ✎ 

Club meetings are held the first Thursday of each month (except August and January) at All Saints Episcopal Church, 4033 SE Woodstock Blvd. The church allows us to use their lovely, bright, and roomy meeting hall which has been a perfect fit for our club. PBC does pay a fee to the church for the months we use their facility. We have been advised by Cris Breshears, Administrative Assistant, that “there is NO PARKING of bikes inside the building. None at all.” So, for those of you riding to the meetings, please lock your bikes outside. There is bike parking on the west side of the building.

REACH THE BEACH (repeat!)  ✎ 

Another reminder that 2023 will be Dick Weber’s last year of organizing the training rides for Reach the Beach. This is an opportunity to make this tradition your own and develop a series of about 13 rides to help riders build up to the 100-mile ride to the beach. Or, take over the existing rides and work with what is already in place. These training rides are seen as an invaluable way to reach new people and help them achieve a cycling goal while introducing them to PBC. American Lung Association (ALA), organizers of Reach the Beach, appreciate our assistance as well. Talk to Mr. Weber if you can catch him (!) at 503.781.3938.

STP (Seattle to Portland) VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES (repeat!)  ✎ 

Corey Eng has announced that he will step away from STP in 2023. While Eric Hendricks will assume many of Corey’s responsibilities, he is also looking for someone to get permits from the city to allow the event to take place at Holladay Park. Eric states that most, if not all, of these tasks are done via computer and thereby done in the comfort of your own home (with the beverage of your choice at hand)! Eric says permitting for the park is usually started in November, so a replacement is needed within a couple of months. This is not a role you will assume in a vacuum. Notes, assistance, guidance are all available. Please reach out to Eric [email protected] with questions, or volunteer with confidence that help is at hand to support you in accomplishing these tasks.

Ann Morrow, Vice President