Executive Board Elections -Portland Bicycling Club

Executive Board Elections

Volunteering is a WONDERFUL way to be a part of something larger in an effort to contribute to the community. It is even more rewarding when you can participate in a real area of passion and interest. What area interests YOU??? Can you make a difference in 2023?

Eight positions are open for any one of our amazingly talented PBC members in the upcoming elections of the 2023 Portland Bicycling Club executive board. Please reach out to any one of the current 2022 PBC board officers to learn more about the volunteer role for which you are interested in serving a one-year term in 2023, and plan to submit a brief statement to the Quick Releases in November. Open positions include president, vice president, treasurer, recording secretary, membership secretary, one road captain, and two members at large. 

The next elections will be held at the December 2022 club member meeting. Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the November meeting and again on the date of the election in December.

PBC has a total of eleven board officers. Eight are on a calendar-year cycle, and the other three are on a mid-year cycle. The three are one road captain and two members at large. Their positions are also one-year terms with their elections held at the June meeting.

Kathleen Hellem, Recording Secretary