Your Club at Work

Ride Pace Rating Proposal

Cindy Bernert-Coppola proposed changing the wording of PBC’s pace rating for club rides. She had heard complaints of confusion, particularly from newer riders, about a couple of the terms used. Although speeds were included, the terms “leisurely” and “moderate” seemed to puzzle some. The board agreed with Cindy and leisurely has become “intermediate” and moderate is now “brisk.” The speed for the slow rides will be    changed to a low speed of 8 mph, down from 10 mph. Also, it would be made clearer that the speeds are not average but on the flats.

Members, please speak up if you hear similar comments about our website or rides. We want to correct confusing language or improve on our rides if necessary. That’s what a club is all about – we work together!

Pioneer Century™

Doug Myers and other club members are advocating for a resurrection of the Pioneer Century™, PBC’s signature event, which was last held in 2018. Previously a big income generator for the club, the event was no longer very profitable. Doug suggested restricting the event to a metric and half-metric route rather than  ✎  five different options. The objective is to reduce costs by limiting rest stops and relying on volunteers rather than paying for rest stop coverage. Doug also suggested that the PBC board take on one of the rest stops. Another consideration would be to cap ridership as a means of cost control.

Membership input is critical. An event takes time and effort. The membership, as a whole, needs to be engaged.


No in-person meetings yet, although contact has been made with All Saints Episcopal Church. We are welcome to resume meetings there – following COVID-19 protocol of course – and will tentatively plan for early 2022 to do so.

The board meetings continue by Zoom as well and may do so for the foreseeable future   – many board members appreciate not having to venture out.

Watch the Quick Releases and the online ride calendar for details.


December’s club member meeting will feature the election of the 2022 executive board. The board consists of 11 positions, three of which are filled midyear and will not be on the December ballot.

Current board members can volunteer to serve another year, but even so those positions are “open” in that anyone may run for the office against an incumbent. 

The club will definitely need a new president as Doug Myers refuses to run again! Additionally, Stephen Bache is stepping down as a member at large.

For details about what each position entails as far as job duties go to our website:, and by all means reach out to any current board member for more information.

Board meetings are monthly and are currently via Zoom. In case remote meetings are an incentive for you to serve, let me mention that board meetings are expected to continue remotely.

Please consider serving your club in this capacity and encourage others to do so as well.

Ann Morrow, Vice President