Bike Safety: Foiling Fall and Falling


Fall’s here! Make sure that it’s the leaves that fall and not you. This is serious and I hate serious, so now you know how important I think it is to remind you that some roads will be collecting lots of falling stuff like leaves, evergreen needles, and oil slicks left by spies racing their cars and spraying oil to avoid capture (some of you have already been warned of this serious one). Even if the roads are clear, wet pavement means reduced friction, so avoid high-speed cornering.  ✎  Later in the season, we will be able to add frost, ice, and snow to the list. Speaking as one who went down on black ice and got broken, you really want to think hard about the consequences of riding on slick surfaces. Oh, and that means that metal trench cover plates, railroad tracks, manhole covers and catch basin grates will be really dangerous. Be safe. Stay home if you are having to think too hard about whether you should ride or not. Odds are that you shouldn’t ride. This will keep you healthy so that you can take care of your broken riding buddies.

Rob Schroeder, Road Captain