Executive Board Elections -Portland Bicycling Club

Executive Board Elections

The club meeting on the first of December will include the election of the 2023 executive board. Some current board members have expressed a desire to serve another term, and others would like to step down and/or move on to other positions. However, this does not mean an incumbent can’t be challenged. Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the November meeting and again on the date of the election in December.

All positions are available except for the member-at-large seats held by Mark Barnes and Alan Mevis, and the road captain slot held by Rob Schroeder. Those positions are filled in June. This little tactic prevents an entirely new board from having to step in on January 1; there will be at least three experienced board members remaining. 

As noted, some of our board members are willing to serve again. I think we have a great board, and they are serving the club well. Innovative ideas, fresh approaches, higher energy levels are always appreciated when other club members want to assist. Discussions are civil and respectful as information is shared and decisions made. It’s a team effort.

Most board position job descriptions are self-explanatory by the title. If you have a question about the job duties, ask the incumbent and read up here: https://portlandbicyclingclub.com/about/executive-board/

Being a board member will not be burdensome. As a bonus, the board determined that Zoom meetings were the way to go, and so you don’t even need to leave home for the meetings. You can do this!

Serving on the board is a wonderful way to get involved with the club and help steer the ship, or bike, as the case may be. You will get a better perspective of how the club operates, get to know many more club members, and come to appreciate the behind-the-scenes activity that moves the club along.

Thank you for your consideration.

Ann Morrow, Vice President