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Charitable Contributions

2022. Back from the shutdowns of Covid-19, during which we suffered through no club rides, no event rides, no fun parties like the picnic and banquet, no live club meetings. It was hard, but here we are out the other end (we think), and we’ve enjoyed what seemed like a fairly normal PBC year.

Part of the normalcy was our own Pioneer Metric Century and the Seattle to Portland finish line. Those events helped PBC earn money. After two years of NOT bringing in any money (other than membership dues and donations), it’s a relief to have a strong positive cash flow again. PBC was fine financially, we could have survived with ease without the income of those two events, but isn’t it nice to be able to contemplate spending some of our hard-earned wealth? 

You, PBC members, worked hard on both Pioneer Metric Century and Seattle to Portland. Our 2022 income did not come easily. It was not gifted to us; it was EARNED by us.

What to do with our freshly acquired wealth? This is YOUR club. What are your ideas? In the past we have donated to organizations such as Friends of the Historic Columbia River Highway, Community Cycling Center, Bikes for Humanity, and Bike Clark County. Since 2007 we have shared over $100,000 with our Portland Metro community.

Your board will review your suggestions at the December board meeting. Our treasurer will advise us on a dollar amount we can comfortably spend. We will discuss your ideas and allocate funds.

Tell us whom we should share our funds with and WHY. Who should be a beneficiary of Portland Bicycling Club? Please log in to the club website and check here first for the criteria: Charitable Donation Guideline.

Reach out to any board member before December 21 and express your thoughts.

Additionally, we have donated money for bike hubs and had bike racks built – most recently in 2015, when we purchased four at $1,500 each for various locations.

Should we spend money on club socks? Ride leader water bottles? This is a separate matter, but do you want to spend any money on ourselves, our club? What do YOU think?

Talk to a board member!

Ann Morrow, Vice President