Non-Club Event Rides

It’s exciting to see our ride calendar filling up with club rides again, and there is also a substantial number of non-club event rides beginning to appear on the horizon. Every year, ten non-club rides are selected to be on the PBC ride calendar and are approved for club mileage. For more information, check out the Mileage Credit Policy on our website (found in the members-only pulldown menu). You must be logged in to access this policy.

The following non-club event rides have already been approved by the board for club mileage in 2021:

    1. 05/15/2021  Reach the Beach (Modified)  Ride Leader: Dick Weber
    2. 06/12/2021  Columbia Century Challenge Ride Leader: Scott Poindexter
    3. 07/24/2021  Ride Around Clark County (RACC) Ride Leader: Dick Weber
    4. 08/28/2021  Gorge Ride  Ride Leader: Dick Weber

With only four non-club event rides on the calendar, there is still room for six more. At the May 6 executive board meeting, the board will again review recommendations for non-club event rides.  To be considered, an event must have a PBC ride leader. If you would like to lead one of these rides, or other not listed, please submit your request to Doug Myers at [email protected] or 360-737-3860 prior to the meeting.

Once approved, it is up to the ride leader to submit the ride description with the usual details for any ride to the road captain who will post the event on the ride calendar.

Lynn Blanchard, Quick Releases Editor