Jim O’Horo Memorial Columbia Gorge Explorer

Jim O'Horo Memorial Columbia Gorge Explorer

Jim O’Horo (featured in center)

Our annual tour of the Columbia River Gorge is coming up! The Friday before the weekend, May 24, will see a bunch of riders (38 as I write this) heading out on a loaded tour from Vancouver to Stevenson, Washington, and points east, and returning on Monday, May 27.

Jim O’Horo started this ride about 20 years ago, subtitling it “Touring 101.”  His goal was to introduce people to touring, so he designed a course that was beautiful and challenging, yet doable for riders with some conditioning.  He always made sure that at least some of the riders were proficient with touring and on-the-road repairs.  He loved the outdoors and wanted as many people as possible to enjoy it with him.  This ride commemorates Jim’s desire to share these experiences with everyone.

We’ve always had great groups, and riders have made fast friendships with stops at overlooks, wineries, monuments, historic sites, and with time around the campsites (occasionally with campfires on chilly nights!).  We have slots available if you have been toying with the idea of getting out for more than a couple of hours.  Check with ride leader Dave McQuery at [email protected] or (503) 720-4946.  Meanwhile, keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down (good advice for drivers, too).

Submitted by Dave McQuery

Videos courtesy of D. J. Phillips, Vancouver Bicycle Club, USA