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Pioneer Century® Volunteer PLEASE!

Pioneer Century Volunteer PLEASE!

There! I used the magic word. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.

Now I’ve used the magic word three times. How many times do I have to use it?!!! I’ll bet YOU will even force me to say “thank YOU.” That’s going to hurt!

There are only a few positions left. The positions are listed below. They are important! And because YOU are important, YOU are a perfect fit for one of those positions. See? This is all about YOU. 


  1. Highway signage placement in Marion County only (western side of the full century route). On the day of the ride, pick up the material at the start/finish at 6:00 AM, place the signs; ride whatever route you can; and be ready to pick up the signs beginning at 4:00 PM, and return to the start/finish by 6:00 PM (or sooner) to load signs and stuff onto the PBC truck.
  2. Highway signage copilot – 1 position. Help navigate and coordinate with the driver for placement of signs, and you and the driver can decide who is traffic safety watcher.


  1. Rental truck copilot (start/finish/route course) – 2 positions. Day of the ride 6:00 AM through 6:00 PM. Meet truck at the start/finish (or as you arrange with the primary driver).
  2. Rental truck copilot (rental truck company) – 1 position. Assist with truck return, and likely be shuttle for the driver.

Go to to sign up, or contact me directly at [email protected] and I’ll sign you up, but you’ll need to be specific about the position you want to fill.

Rob Schroeder, 2023 Pioneer Century® Volunteer Coordinator