Emergency Contact Info

Emergency contact information is available securely online. You may now record your emergency contact info on the portlandbicyclingclub.com website. This is the phone number and name of a spouse or other family member whom you wish to be contacted should you experience an accident or other medical emergency on a club ride. To record this information, log in to your member account on the club’s website and open the Rider Mileage page from the Members Only menu. There is a link on that page that will open the emergency contact information entry form. (Emergency contact information is also recorded and stored the first time you sign up online for a club ride.)

Ride leaders may access the emergency contact information of a rider who is a current or past club member by logging in to the club website and opening the Ride Leader Info page from the Members Only pulldown menu. There is a link on that page (see example below, third link down) that will open a searchable list with riders’ emergency contact information – for those members who have entered their emergency contact info online.

Ride Leader Info

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