50th Anniversary Archives

1971 Lewis & Clark State Park

After countless hours of scanning on the part of dedicated PBC members, the club’s archives are loaded and ready for viewing! A huge thanks goes to Jim Toothaker, Barry Emmerling, Pat McManus, Gary Lippert, Clayton Hawkes, Dave McQuery, and Chip Kyle, and also to Corey Eng for carting the boxes in and out of storage and making deliveries!

And, of course, it goes without saying that none of these would exist were it not for the efforts of our club historian for many, many years, Patty Mooney!

Now what? A volunteer (or team of volunteers) is needed to peruse the files and come up with some gems to share with the club at our 50th anniversary celebration (TBD).

Ideally, this would be in the form of a slide show of photos, articles, and choice tidbits to celebrate all who have gone before us.

Here is a link to a cool article about the club’s first ten years to whet your appetite:

By clicking on this link, you can view all the folders and files scanned.

Please consider this important task and contact one of the board members to let your interest be known.

Cindy-Bernert Coppola, Membership Secretary