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Your Club at Work

Due to COVID-19, not too much is happening. The board is not meeting, and there are no club member meetings. Social distancing. There are no club rides, and that is probably the most difficult repercussion of the pandemic for many of us. We want to ride, we want to see our friends, we want to moan and groan and tease and interact. I think at this point most of us agree that the once seemingly drastic measure to cancel club rides was in the best interests of the members. Some members are staying off their bikes, others riding alone, and still others forming occasional small groups to social distance with one another on quick rides.

If club-related issues arise, the board will connect via e-mail. All are available and ready to perform assigned duties. Cindy Bernert-Coppola, for example, is continuing to work on memberships. In contrast, your faithful recording secretary sits idle at her computer with no minutes to transcribe. There was a threat of using Zoom to meet remotely. In that instance it seemed many of the board members remained silent, not breathing, hoping the suggestion would not come to fruition. In fact, that threat seems to have vanished! Whew! Sheltering in place pays off again.

Ann Morrow, Recording Secretary