Member Memories: Jan Oestereich

Just under the wire of the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders, John Joy and I traveled to Tucson, Arizona – a favorite haunt for cycling snowbirds or just riders who want a break from the rain. Roger Harris gave us the royal tour, for which he is famous. The Saguaro National Park surrounds the city of Tucson. Hiking trails and bicycle paths are everywhere. I found it to be such a unique site.

As we left our host, he encouraged us to see one of his favorite attractions, the Bike Church. Back when we were PWTC, our club purchased several bricks and inscribed them with the former PWTC logo and “Dedicated to Bicycle Safety.”

The church was erected from bicycle frames, wheels and rims. The white sculpture and stained glass stand in sharp contrast to the beautiful blue sky. It is a memorial for cyclists killed on the streets and needs to be seen to be appreciated.


Jan Oestereich, Club Member