Member-at-Large Vacancy -Portland Bicycling Club

Member-at-Large Vacancy

The four members at large have few board responsibilities, but their presence is important. The perfect combination of members at large is diverse: representing the fast, the slow, the weekend, and the weekday riders. We would like members at large who ride enough that they are hearing complaints and issues of members and know our rides; however, a member at large could also be someone who often rides alone or commutes by bike and knows the streets, the bike politics, and cycling issues to keep the board in the loop. A member at large is by default also a member of our safety committee. For more on this, click here to consult the safety page online (or from our website go to the pulldown menu on the “Rides” tab, select “Bicycle Safety,” and click on the safety policy link in the first paragraph). Being a member at large allows you to get to know the inside workings of the club firsthand by being at critical meetings. There is also a small perk – members of the board are offered a coupon code for free club dues. If interested, please let me know at

Pat McManus, President