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Your Club at Work



President Mark Barnes continues to pursue means to promote our club. Stickers will be seen soon. Our business cards will include the QR code when they are printed again. T-shirts are being discussed. Any ideas from our members? Tell a board member.


Our training series has begun, and we welcome club members to join weekly training rides whether or not you plan to ride Reach the Beach on event day. Mark Detrick who is leading rides mostly on Sundays this year has offered to take this series over from our beloved Mr. Weber in 2024. Great news! Thank you, Mark.


  • Saturday, June 3, PIONEER CENTURY®: Please volunteer to help, or register for the ride.
  • Saturday and Sunday, July 15 & 16, SEATTLE TO PORTLAND BICYCLE CLASSIC: If you aren’t riding, please sign up for a shift (or more) to help out.
  • Sunday, August 6, Annual Club Picnic at Columbia Park, with club rides.  ✎ 

The PIONEER and STP are how this club earns money. We really hope that as a member you will see the value of volunteering to support other cyclists and your club.

Additionally, your otherwise agreeable road captains will NOT allow any other rides, event or club rides, to be scheduled on the above dates. We don’t want our members distracted!

Please mark your calendars and tell your friends and family there will be no weddings, graduations, or any other gatherings on these dates.  😉  You will be otherwise occupied.

Ann Morrow, Vice President