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Non-Club Rides Approved for Club Mileage

Our road captains are pretty awesome. They are intent on getting our ride calendar populated with bicycle rides. Click through the upcoming six months or so, and you will see the calendar already showing evidence of what we, PBC, do: bicycle rides. It’s fun to look ahead and envision participating in some of those offerings.

On February 15, your board members met and decided that the following non-cub rides (already starting to show on the ride calendar) are approved for club miles: 

  • Sunday, May 7, Monster Cookie Metric Century, Ride leader Ann Morrow
  • Saturday, May 20, Reach the Beach, Ride leaders Dick Weber & Lynn Blanchard
  • Saturday, June 17, Tour de Blast, Ride leader Mark Barnes
  • Saturday, June 24, Gorge Ride, Ride leader Dick Weber
  • Saturday, July 22, Ride Around Clark County (RACC), Ride leader Dick Weber
  • Sunday, August 13, Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour, Ride leader Lynn Blanchard
  • Sunday, September 3, Harvest Century, Ride leader Kathleen Hellem

All riders are expected to comply with the requirements of the organization running the ride: Pay a registration fee, perhaps raise money for a charity, wear a helmet, ride safely, etc.

While we do have an advisory allowance of 10 such rides each year, the approved list was 7. That means there is room for at least 3 more. Your current board members are kind, thoughtful and intelligent leaders and want our club members to be happy, riding in biking events and earning club miles. We will consider all submissions. Remember, rides cannot conflict with Pioneer Century on June 3, STP July 15 and 16, or our club picnic which is scheduled for August 6. We want all club members to ride or volunteer for our club’s big annual events.

Please wear PBC attire or club colors to these events to publicize our great organization, and ride safely so as not to tarnish our good name.

For additional information, go to: Mileage Credit Policy on our website.

Ann Morrow, Vice President