PBC Librarian Volunteer Opportunity -Portland Bicycling Club

PBC Librarian Volunteer Opportunity

As we resume in-person monthly club meetings in 2022, it has come to the board’s attention that the church meeting place will no longer store our library containers. There is a lot to consider about how to handle this newfound misfortune. There are about five containers that the librarian sets up and tears down at the monthly club meetings. It seems a bit much to have the librarian schlep these containers back and forth every month, to and from the meetings. There are concerns about keeping our club library in the storage unit. Mostly moisture. However, it may work if the containers are stored up higher on racks in the storage unit.

One possible solution is to take an inventory of our library and create a link on our PBC website for checkout and return of books and CDs. The librarian can then provide the books at the upcoming club meeting and pick up returns from members. There are other options still to think about on how to handle this setback. We could explore a new meeting place, too, where the library would be allowed to remain on location at the new meeting site. These are just some ideas to ponder.

Life always presents new challenges, which keeps things interesting. However, the job of club librarian is making my personal schedule too full. Please reach out to me at katzh1969@gmail.com to troubleshoot this new challenge and delve into possible solutions. I would love it if someone else would be willing to step up and take over this position.

Kathleen Hellem, PBC Librarian