Portland to Eugene:

Wheels and Whistle-Stops!

My name is John Neller, and I recently joined the Portland Bicycling Club. I live in Auburn, Washington, but enjoy cycling in Portland and the Willamette Valley. In addition to cycling, I enjoy trains; and I hope to encourage others to incorporate trains into their cycling, too. This summer I am planning a four-day ride from Portland to Eugene with overnight stays in Salem, Albany, and Eugene. The fourth day will be riding in and around Eugene and returning to Portland by train. I have done this ride by myself and also with a few members of the Boeing Employees Bicycle Club.

I am looking for a PBC ride leader to co-lead the ride so that PBC members can get credit for club mileage. I’m also looking for support-and-gear (SAG) driver(s). Negotiations are in process with the manager of the Portland Union Station for permission to have more than the normal 10 unboxed bikes for the return trip so bike boxes will not be needed. The tentative dates are Saturday to Tuesday, July 25-28. I will be providing more details soon. Please feel free to contact me to let me know of your interest and/or if you have any questions, 205-356-5309 or [email protected].

John Neller, Club Member