Wheels in Motion

Quick Shifts

Spring has sprung and like the flowers popping up all over the place we are starting to see our new name blossom in the wild. Our Facebook page and groups have changed names; we are making quick shifts with our insurance, state, and financial registrations; and an updated logo to reflect our new club name is coming soon.

Our website is rapidly adopting the name of Portland Bicycling Club, and email changes will be coming like the warmer weather of June. We are excited to continue in the transition and look forward to seeing the debut of the PBC banner proudly displayed at the upcoming Sunday Parkways booth.

If you see a place where you think adjustments are needed, or if you have any questions about the transition, please let me know [email protected]. Once again, thank you for joining us in this next stage of our club’s growth!

Darin Swanson, Transition Captain