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Going, Going, Gone . . .

As shared in previous issues of the Quick Releases, a cyclist by the name of Michael O’Higgins had appreciated our finish-line festivities and hard work for the Seattle to Portland so very much that when he was giving up cycling for good due to health reasons, he gave all his cycling gear to us – PBC.

Here is the end of the story. This e-mail to Michael from me sums it up:

Greetings Michael,

Hope you are all settled in and embracing your new choices.

Here’s an update:  

  1. We gave away most of your jerseys and such at two recent club meetings. The remainder will go to WashCo Bikes tomorrow. [In fact, I donated to Bike Clark County; it was more convenient.]
  2. We raffled your nicer jerseys at a club meeting.
  3. We raffled your bike and matching jersey at a recent club meeting. The “winner” was a woman friend of mine who entered the drawing for her significant other. He is newer to cycling and does not have a nice bike. They are ecstatic. The weather has not allowed him to enjoy it, but he will! He has researched the components and is duly impressed. It’s a good outcome and in keeping with your wishes.
  4. We raffled off the bike stand as we do not do our own service areas at our events. We have bike shops come out, and they have their own stands.

Thanks again, Michael. It was an honor to support you in your vision. The club benefited financially, members have new gear, and you are off on new adventures. Good results all around.

Hope all is well.

Ann Morrow, Vice President, Portland Bicycling Club

This e-mail response from Michael will warm your heart:

Dear Ann,

Thank you so much for the update! All is exactly as I had hoped. I’m glad that I was able to give something back to the club and community of cyclists that gave so much to me.

I am settling in nicely. Prague in spring is an incredibly beautiful city. Last Friday night Catherine and I had dinner at an outdoor café while watching a laser light show projected on the 665-year-old Charles Bridge. I doubt that my sense of wonder and amazement will ever wear off! I am exactly where I need to be.

My very best wishes to you and your club.

Michael O’Higgins


Ann Morrow, Vice President