Recruiting Rookie Riders

Rookie Rides are loading onto our monthly ride calendar as ride leaders create routes and lock in dates and have a go at helping new or returning cyclists get out and ride. Our volunteers are excited to offer short, slow, easy rides, and welcome new riders.

We, our group of volunteers, determined that we would get the rides going first then hustle in some publicity. That way, we could work out the bugs with the rides themselves as we got the word out around the metro area. I see this as similar to starting a new business. I have heard that planning for 18 months or so of building your brand is not unexpected. In other words, I don’t think any of us expect crowds now or in the near future. It takes time to get the word out. And trials and errors. 

We sent out a letter to bike shops that already support Portland Bicycling Club about the rides so they could share with their staff and send people our way as they sell bikes or encounter prospective cyclists. We are beginning the development of a poster to promote our club and these rides at bike shops. We need to update our club brochure anyway so will include information about the Rookie Rides in it as well. The brochure will go into the various shops. We will pursue other avenues to try to reach our target market.

Dave McQuery and I spoke to a representative of REI about partnering with them on these rides. We suggested that maybe we could start a ride at an REI, maybe a staff member could put on a flat fixing lesson, etc. While enthused, REI, like many businesses, is not quite ready for up close and personal just yet. Even the notion of Dave or me going into an REI to speak to staff about these rides during one of their meetings is not a possibility just yet.

Please share our new ride idea with friends and family and your favorite bike shop owner so they can share in the rides or at least spread the word.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Ann Morrow, Vice President