Cycling Acts of Kindness

Hello, I’m excited to share with you a global kindness movement that World Bicycle Relief is rolling out this June: #CyclingActsofKindness, celebrating the idea that one act of kindness can change the world.

What better time than now to share kindness on two wheels? This movement officially launches in celebration of World Bicycle Day, June 3. We hope that Portland Bicycling Club will join us by sharing your #CyclingActsofKindness on that day.

The idea is simple. We are asking people around the globe to:

  1. Hop on your bike and perform an act of kindness. Deliver food to a friend, pick up groceries for a neighbor, create Strava art, ride to your local park to pick up trash…have fun, and spread joy! (While following local social distancing guidelines, of course.)
  2. Share your story on social media using #CyclingActsofKindness. Show the world what kindness on your bike looks like, and feel free to tag @worldbicyclerelief.
  3. Encourage your community to keep the kindness rolling. Tell your friends to join the movement with their own #CyclingActsofKindness.

Can’t wait to see your #CyclingActsofKindness!

Sonja Ejups, Guest Contributor, Events Manager, World Bicycle Relief, 612-226-9182