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Bicycle Safety and the Law: Quiz #6

Do YOU know the answers?


  1. Can I do my grocery shopping on my bike?
  2. I have been running stop signs for years. ORS 811.265 says specifically that I gotta stop. Can I get a ticket for that? 


  1. The Oregon Bicycling Manual says, basically, nothing. The only regulation is that a rider must remain in control of the bicycle, but neither ODOT nor Pedal Power gives a citation. That’s good advice anywhere. It’s kind of like, “Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down,” which is also good advice for cars. ODOT goes on to make a series of equipment recommendations—panniers, baskets, trailers, etc. I use a trailer for Costco runs. Panniers are good for small or fragile items (eggs, tomatoes). Specifically, ODOT says: “There are a variety of bags, racks, trailers, straps, and baskets available for sale or rent at bicycle shops and other retailers that can help you carry groceries and other cargo on any bike. Specialized cargo bicycles and cargo e-bicycles can help you carry multiple kids or larger, heavier loads.”
  2. Not anymore. That section was amended in 2020. ORS 814.414 and 814.416 say that “A person riding a bicycle who is approaching an intersection where traffic is controlled by a stop sign or a flashing red light may (without violating the law) do any of the following without stopping if the person slows the bicycle to a safe speed and yields to other traffic: (a) Proceed through the intersection. (b) Make a right or left turn onto a two-way street. (c) Make a right or left turn onto a one-way street in the direction of traffic upon the one-way street.” NOTE: bicyclists are still required to stop at solid red lights.

Dave McQuery, Membership Secretary

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