Member Mirror

Getting to know Deborah Edward

Pete: When did you begin biking and why?

Deborah: I started bicycling in Austin in my 40’s – to be part of a women’s triathlon training group and continued to enjoy group rides in the Texas Hill Country. My husband Lynn and I got “the bug” and began to do century rides and traveled to Italy for a backroads ride. When we moved to Portland, we joined PWTC to meet people, ride together and explore the Pacific NW by bike.

Pete: How many miles do you typically ride in a year? Club rides, or independent rides?

Deborah: I mostly ride with the club, about 800 miles/year. I love finding new places and being inspired to ride faster and longer to keep up with the group. Club members are friendly and supportive, and they know their way around!

Pete: You must have a favorite bike in your “stable.” What bike is it, and how many others do you have?

Deborah: I only have one bike – a blue 2014 Specialized Roubaix which I purchased here when my beloved Motobecane was stolen. PBC friends are trying to convince me it’s time for a second bike….I’m beginning to agree.

Pete: What do you find most enjoyable about biking? Is there anything about the activity that you don’t like?

Deborah: I love the feeling of being on a bike and feeling the wind on my back, the rhythm of the wheels, the swish of the air and the relaxed exhilaration of going downhill fast – it’s almost as good as skiing, but way more accessible. I love seeing the world around in a relatively slow way, passing cows, horses, countryside, and unexpected natural formations, as well as the artwork on the bike paths. I don’t like rails or rains!

Pete: In addition to cycling, are there other hobbies, interests, or pursuits you engage in?

Deborah: The Pacific Northwest lures me to discovery – enjoy hiking, walking, traveling around the state, getting sandy at the coast, and learning more about the indigenous people who preceded me here. I am also someone who skis, enjoys music, dabbles with various crafts and watercolor, and travels. National parks call me, as do places like Paris, Barcelona, New York City, Greek islands, Machu Picchu, and a small lake in southern Vermont.

Pete: While we would all like to be biking fulltime, unfortunately, we have to work to support this and other habits. What kind of work do you currently do in your “day job?”

Deborah: My career in the nonprofit/arts sector created opportunities for me to work with museums in the US, Russia, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic; to teach nonprofit management at the graduate level in Portland and Austin; and to consult with nonprofits of all kinds – from children’s museums to roller derby. I still do a lot with philanthropy and collective giving, but not for pay anymore!

Pete: What is a surprising fact about you that your fellow club members might find interesting?

Deborah: One of my best bike adventures was spending three weeks with the Flying Kiwis, traveling around the South Island of New Zealand. We hiked, camped, and biked – 20 of us from 8 countries, ages 18-68, learning about New Zealand history, flora, and fauna. If you end up doing something similar, I recommend reading _The_Bone_People_ by Kari Hulme along the way!

Peter Schmidt, Club Member