Cycology Today

Cycology. What does it mean? One definition is: The science of propelling one’s self safely through the  environment to enhance well-being.

Since 2006 I have been involved with a public access television show called Cycology Today. Pre-Covid, it filmed live monthly. We took a 14-month hiatus for the pandemic primarily due to Tualatin Valley Public Access Television’s protocols. The studio is small and social distancing difficult, especially in the control booth. Vaccines now make it possible for us to resume our show, albeit on a limited basis.

My first guest after our forced break was someone you may know, Stefan Lemmer, an employee at River City Bicycles. That show, filmed June 4, 2021, is now on YouTube along with many of our old shows. Stefan described the impact of Covid-19 on the availability of bicycles, accessories, and parts during the first half of the show and then shared what’s new and trending in the world of bicycles. He is a wonderful, knowledgeable, funny guest.

I do have a co-host, Wayne Hathaway, who helps with the hosting duties. If you take a look at the YouTube videos, you will see him interviewing guests he chooses.

Cycology Today started with our beloved Bruce Buffington and NW Bicycle Safety Council. Bruce wanted to promote bicycle safety, and this show was his way to get the word out. He slowly retreated from the world of television celebrity and left me – first a guest, then co-host and now fending for myself! Our crew and “talent” (that’s Wayne and me!) were allowed by Bruce to take over the name of the show when NW Bicycle Safety Council dissolved, and we jumped at the opportunity as we felt we still had a viable product.

I have not had, nor do I currently have, any burning desire to be on television. At my age, I think I am better suited for radio! But I still believe in the cause – promoting bicycle safety and celebrating all the wonderful people in our community who promote cycling, or make a career involving cycling, or who simply ride and inspire us. Many club members have been guests over the years. The show also gives me the opportunity to promote our club, and I will continue to do so.

I encourage you to check out the archives on YouTube. You will no doubt find something of interest:

Additionally, I welcome any suggestions for guests.

Ann Morrow, Vice President