Restarting Club Rides -Portland Bicycling Club

Restarting Club Rides

Everyone is eager to restart rides, but we also want to protect our members’ health by following distancing and face-covering guidelines set by Oregon and Washington. Board members chatted by email and met via Zoom to construct guidelines. For the minutes of this discussion, check out the notes prepared by our Recording Secretary, Ann Morrow, at Zoom Minutes.

We finalized a plan for riders:

  1. Club rides will resume when the three Portland metro counties enter Oregon’s phase 2 and Clark County enters Washington’s phase 3.
  2. Initially all rides will be ‘non-group,’ and maps will be provided online. Paper maps may also be provided at the discretion of the ride leader but will not replace online availability. To avoid clustering, staggered starts or early departures are recommended.
  3. Until we have online waivers, rides will be for members only.
  4. In lieu of a sign-in sheet, ride leaders may accept texts or emails from members with their name, emergency contact, member number, and mileage; and/or ride leaders may complete the sign-in sheet for participants. Common use of pens, sharing of the sign-in sheet and clip board, and crowding around the paper sign-in sheet is not recommended.
  5. At least 20 feet of spacing is recommended while in motion (recommended by USA Cycling); 6 feet at stop lights, other stops, and any points of congregation.
  6. Face coverings are recommended when unable to maintain the 6 feet of distancing. One suggestion is to wear a buff that can easily be pulled up as needed.
  7. Coughing, spitting, or expelling of mucus is prohibited in the presence of others – including while riding.
  8. Participants should be healthy and symptom free for 14 days before joining a ride.

For more information regarding personal safety measures recommended by Oregon, consult Oregon’s Reopening Guidance for the Public.

Pat McManus, President