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Non-Club Event Rides Earning Club Mileage

What, now? Yes, non-club event rides earning club mileage. It is actually a very descriptive title and means what it says.

Each year PBC allots at least ten bicycle rides (that are not official club rides) the prestige of earning our club members MILEAGE credit. The precise criteria can be found on our website: Non-PBC Rides/Cycling Events Mileage Credit Policy.  

The intent of this club policy is simply to encourage you all to venture out and play nicely with others. We want you to grow as cyclists, meet new people, ride on different roads, see new scenery, smell new smells. You might even enjoy the experience!

Breaking this idea down a bit more: EVENT RIDES are rides that you pay to participate in. There is usually support in the form of rest stops, food, and SAG (Support and Gear). Your registration fee may help a bike club such as Salem’s or Vancouver’s or a charity such as American Lung Association or the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

It is early in the year, but organizations are jockeying for position on that limited summer calendar we here in the Northwest call the cycling season. Find your favorite rides and submit them to the board before the February 15 board meeting. Please include:

  1. Name and date of event ride
  2. PBC ride leader
  3. Name of organization hosting the ride and/or who it benefits
  4. Rationale promoting its inclusion on the list

Reach the Beach, Gorge Ride, Ride Around Clark County (RACC), Worst Day of the Year Ride, Chilly Hilly, Monster Cookie and Harvest Century are several of the rides approved in past years.

Note that certain dates are unavailable. June 3 is our own Pioneer Century®. July 15-16 is STP weekend. Our picnic is usually the first Sunday of August but is not set at this writing. Those dates are reserved for PBC activities, and so no other rides will be offered.

Look for rides you want to do, and you think others will enjoy too. Being the ride leader is some responsibility but not burdensome.

We prefer to designate all non-club event rides at the February meeting. However, we know that not all rides are listed yet, and new ones may even pop up. We will certainly allow late entries as the year progresses. And the ten-ride limit is advisory only. Exceptions can be made.

Let’s build up our summer calendar with a nice mix of club and non-club rides! Thank you.

Ann Morrow, Vice President