Your Club at Work: Election Results

The December club member meeting included the election of the 2022 executive board. Most incumbents had agreed to remain on the board for another term (one year). Member at large Stephen Bache was the exception, and Dave McQuery had agreed to run for that position. On meeting night, the slate was presented. All candidates accepted their nominations. No further nominations were forthcoming from the Zoom “floor,” so all candidates ran unopposed. The result was as follows (drum roll please….): 

President Doug Myers
Vice President Ann Morrow
Treasurer Corey Eng
Recording Secretary Kathleen Hellem
Membership Secretary Christi Horton
Road Captain #1 Todd McCollum
Member at Large Mike Heffernan
Member at Large Dave McQuery


Additionally, Mark Barnes will assume the remainder of Don Zook’s member-at-large term. That position runs through June.

The 2022 PBC executive board also includes Road Captain Rob Schroeder and members at large Alan Mevis and, as noted, Mark Barnes whose positions all run from midyear to midyear (July through June). This allows the board continuity and stability.

This board will be installed at the upcoming banquet.

Ann Morrow, Vice President